Three Signs Your Central Heating in Gloucester Is On the Blink

by | Mar 16, 2015 | Business

Do you have a combination or conventional form of central heating in Gloucester? Combination boilers are a brilliant addition to smaller properties, because there is no need for a hot water cylinder and you can rely on them for hot water on demand. Conventional boilers on the other hand are better for bigger properties with a number of rooms, because they can send hot water to multiple taps at once. Whatever style is installed in your home, maintenance is important. A lack of this could result in the following predicaments, which may need to be inspected further by a professional.

Leaks and Drips

It will be hard to ignore leaks and drips, because a leaking machine will leave a puddle of damp near it. Inspect the floor around your central heating in Gloucester frequently to ensure nothing needs urgent repairing. Lots of cold issues are related to leaks and drips, so you should contact an experienced plumber if you suspect a problem of this kind. He or she will examine every inch of the appliance to determine a cause. Listen out for gurgling, banging and whistling noises, too, because this is an indication that water pressure is lower than it should be.

Thermostat Problems

Is your central heating in Gloucester losing accuracy all of the time? If so, the thermostat probably needs replacing or fixing. There are lots of energy efficient options on the market today, so it’s best to shop around if you want to save money on your bills. An energy efficient thermostat could help you reduce your carbon footprint too, which means you will be doing your bit for the planet by minimising energy dependence.

Lack of Heat and Hot Water

The main purpose of a boiler or central heating device is to provide heat and hot water, therefore if you are not getting either, this is a serious sign of a problem! Your central heating in Gloucester might need fixing if the motorised valves are faulty. Low water levels and air locks within the system are two other causes of an issue. Kettling and boiling hot radiators also indicate a problem and could be as a result of lime scale build-up, so get your device checked if these things happen. Browse website for more information.

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