Three Reasons You Need Professionally Installed Fire Alarms in Newport

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Security Systems and Services

Whether you are a commercial property owner or you own a home, there are three reasons you need professional installed fire alarms in Newport! Actually there are more than three reasons that you should absolutely have fire alarms installed in your property.

The Statistics

The fact is fire alarms in Newport save lives. According to statistics you are 3 times more likely to die in a fire if your property is not protected by a fire alarm. You are 10 times more likely to experience severe injuries in a fire if the property does not have a fire alarm system installed. You are far more likely to survive a fire as is the rest of the occupants when a fire detection system is installed. If that is not enough to convince you read on.

The Three Reasons

Understanding what “could” happen without a fire alarm should be enough to motivate you to make the call to a professional to have the system installed but if you need a little more prompting consider these three reasons:

1. Safety
2. Safety
3. Safety

There is no better reason than safety to have a trusted professional install a fire alert system. Of course there are other reasons like minimizing property damage, reducing the risk of liability and peace of mind. The right professional team will be able to provide you with a state of the art system that provides top of the line fire protection. When you have your system professionally installed by a trusted provider like Dragon Fire & Security Systems you know the job is done right and you can rest assured that you have taken every step to protect your property and the people that are in it. Learn more about Dragon Fire & Security Systems today! Browse the site for more information.

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