If you notice a leak on your flat roof, the best thing to do is to find a quick but efficient solution quickly. One of the challenges that you will face is whether to replace or repair the roof. Since every roof is unique, it is difficult to assume whether you need to replace or repair the roof without an expert roofing evaluation. The expert will examine the state of your roof and give you an accurate report on the cause of the leaks and whether you need to replace or repair the flat roof.

Accurate Examination to Reveal the Source of the Problem

Homeowners find it difficult to believe that avoided and delayed flat roof repair and maintenance are responsible for damages and leaks. During maintenance, a roofer inspects the roof for rotting, deterioration of roofing material and blistering. If any of the condition is detected, it needs to be addressed immediately to prevent further damages and leaks. Severe weather such as ice, sun and water has a negative effect on your roof. The weather conditions lead to loss or shifting of the gravel which results in uncovering the roof’s membrane. Rooftop equipment such as vents, HVAC, skylights, and other things that are not properly installed can damage the roof and lead to leakages. Ponding, standing and pooling water increases the risk of flat roof leak.

Determinants of the Next Course of Action

The expert will inspect the extent of the damage and its severity. If the damages are too much, then the roof will be replaced. An expert in roof repairs in Derby will inspect how the roof was installed. If it was incorrectly installed, cracks, blisters and simple tears can lead to roof replacement instead of repairs. Old rooftops require frequent repairs which makes them very expensive to repair. In such a case, you would rather replace the roof. Roof repairs saves a lot of money but you need to repair immediately to prevent the problem from worsening. Visit experienced company in roof repairs W R Leivers from Derby immediately if you notice any of the warning signs.