The Many Uses for Sectional Doors

by | Jun 3, 2014 | Business

There are many different types of sectional doors. Many are used for exterior purposes on loading docks and garages while others are used indoors for closets, bedrooms and areas that cannot accommodate a full door. The sectional doors Edinburgh seeks have many uses. Here is a brief overview.

1. Garage Doors: Garage doors tend to be sectional doors as they require the sections to accommodate the lifting action. Garage doors come in many different styles from wood, steel and acrylic designs for homes to standard steels doors for docks and business uses. They come in both automatic and manual operation depending on your needs and budget.

2. Factories: Many factories and manufacturing companies require sectional doors. They may use them at loading docks to ship and receive items as well as to separate parts of the operations. Some work on rollers while others use hinges.

3. Security: There are also sectional doors available to provide security. These doors are usually made of steel and are designed to provide security over shop or business front windows as well as the main entryways. These sectional doors are easy to operate and can simply be pulled down during off hours and rolled back up when you are open for business. These doors make it close to impossible for thieves or vandals to penetrate keeping your business safe and secure.

4. Separators: Large facilities and even schools sometimes use sectional doors to separate areas. Banquet halls, gymnasiums and other special event and conference halls also use sectional doors to keep areas not in use cordoned off. Schools use them to separate sections of the gymnasium allowing more than one class to participate in gym class or open the full space for assemblies.

5. Interior Doors: Sectional doors are sometimes used in homes but in this situation they are more commonly referred to as folding doors. They are often a shutter style and are used in areas where space is limited and the full sweep of a standard door cannot be accommodated. Some homes also have sectional doors to separate larger open spaces allowing for privacy as required. They are commonly used for closets and bathrooms.

6. These are just a few examples of the types of sectional doors found in Edinburgh.

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