The Advantages of Finding Art Teacher Jobs in Secondary Schools

by | Oct 31, 2014 | Education & Training

Art is a secure subject in the National Curriculum and is one of the most enjoyed subjects of all. An opportunity to draw, paint and construct visual masterpieces, art is appealing to all ages, and encourages creativity. Teaching this subject is just as rewarding as learning about it. Whether you are looking for a long term, short term or permanent position, you can reap the rewards of this vibrant and fascinating subject.

Make a Difference in Young People’s Lives
Finding the right Art Teacher job really does offer the feel-good factor. Creative activities, hands-on experiences and visually stimulating presentations are the building blocks for pupil development, therefore your time spent in the art department will have a big impact on pupils. Creating and appreciating visual aesthetics with art-related activities is enjoyable and could encourage language development, build basic motor skills and even help with decision making.

Unleash Your Creative Side and Relieve Stress
Aside from art being a fascinating and fun subject for the students, Art can also be enjoyable for you, the teacher! As an Art teacher in a Secondary school, you will be responsible for planning the lessons and activities within the lesson, which means you can relax and share what makes you happy during the lesson. Getting creative is proven to reduce stress levels significantly, and can also lift the mood. Whether it’s painting a canvas, making a 3-D object with papier-mâché, or creating a glittery table centrepiece, it all contributes to a pleasant learning experience for the teacher and students.

Promote Cultural Awareness and Visual Learning
Most art lessons are focused on a particular subject or theme, with many being related to particular cultures. For example, when the Día de Muertos, also known as Day of the Dead, celebration commences in Mexico every year, people celebrate by decorating with imagery from Mexican folklore. By focusing a lesson around a subject such as this, you will encourage students to broaden their knowledge on certain cultures through visual learning. With so many holidays and seasonal events to celebrate, the opportunities are endless for Art teachers.

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