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by | Feb 25, 2021 | Financial Planner

Following the lockdown announcement, the British government has declared an extension of the self-employed income support scheme. This program made headlines as it softened the blow for those who work as self-employed. If you are unsure whether you are eligible, you should get in touch with your tax accountant in Cobham to help you find the details you need. Remember that you must keep your accountant informed of any grants received so they can ensure all payments are reported on your tax return. Invoices, tax documents, bills, government forms, handling the complex world of accounting can leave you lost and frustrated. Nevertheless, if you wish to turn those disappointments into accuracy and success, contact your tax accountant in Cobham.

This help is essential, especially when applicants have been notified about HMRC being aware of increased phishing and scam emails, calls, and texts. Your tax accountant is concerned about this high risk of scam, as many self-employed do not have direct communication with HMRC and may receive the call as valid. To qualify for the SEISS, you must prove that you were unable to work for specific periods due to self-isolation, shielding, or care responsibilities caused by the coronavirus, or if your company had to temporarily reduce its activities due to lockdown. Your tax accountant in Cobham can handle all the details and offer you quality support to ensure you get the best possible financial treatment.

Taxes can be complicated. At David Beckman, and Co. Ltd, they can make life easier for you. The firm includes chartered accountants and tax advisors who can provide you with financial advice and professionally handle your case. Their expertise and practice, coupled with genuine human kindness, can bring you the best results to help you operate effectively in an increasingly complex financial world. A tax accountant in Cobham is your advisor, partner, and source of knowledge regarding financial reporting, taxation, auditing, forensic accounting, corporate finance, and all things accounting in the area.

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