Stylish, Designer Women’s Large Shoes are Available!

by | May 26, 2016 | Business

If you wear women’s large size shoes no one has to tell you that it is a challenge to find shoes that are at the height of style and that are designer quality.  There are so few designers that consider tall statuesque women typically take large sized shoes. They design shoes for dainty feet that have no place on the runway. Not to say that small sized feet are not equally important when it comes to dressing them well but there does seem to be a bias among designers when it comes to creating exceptional styles for large shoe sizes.

You Are Looking In the Wrong Place

Perhaps there are some great designers that are making shoes in larger sizes and you have yet to discover where you can source them!  There are a few places that you should NOT be shopping for large size women’s shoes:

*  Local boutiques
*  Shoe stores
Clothing shops

Local boutiques that specialise in accessories and shoes are not a very likely source to carry large sizes. You will run into the same issues at local shoe stores. Clothing shops that also happen to sell shoes is not a viable option either if you want to be able to choose shoes from a large selection.

Specialty Shop

To really get a good dose of options it is best to shop at a place that specialises in large shoes for women. A specialty shop is far more likely to put some thought into what they are offering. You can find a wide range of the height of styles in women’s footwear from quality designers if you know where to shop.

Crispins Shoes is changing the way women with large shoes shop for their shoes. They have raised the bar for large size shoes by offering designer shoes that are fashionable and of the highest quality!

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