Should You Buy Reconditioned Chair Lifts in Guildford or Rent Them?

by | Oct 22, 2014 | Health and Fitness

The decision to install chair lifts in Guildford requires a lot of thought. At this time you will need to think about your budget, the style of your staircase, and the measurements of your staircase. Installation for these devices only takes a couple of hours and once fitted, you can use the buttons, switches or toggles to travel along the track. With annual servicing and maintenance a stair lift will last for many years, and when you visit a retailer of these products you will be presented with two options – buying and renting.

Reconditioned Stair Lifts

Do you want to spend the least amount of money possible on chair lifts in Guildford, but still be covered by warranty? If so, contact a local retailer for reconditioned devices. These devices work the same as brand new ones, but are simply second hand or repaired versions. Rigorously tested by qualified engineers, they offer optimum performance and with regular maintenance, should last for 10 years or more. Don’t forget to research the best brands when buying reconditioned to see which ones are rated best for longevity.

Rented Stair Lifts

The manufacturer of chair lifts in Guildford will normally charge a monthly fee for rented stair lifts. You might choose to rent straight, curved, through-floor or wheelchair lifts if you have a temporary disability that is preventing you from getting up and down the stairs. As a long-term option this will cost your more money, but for a short-term solution it is definitely worth thinking about. The price you pay will depend on the model, but you can rest assured that all parts have been refurbished and tested before the device is installed.

Warranty Options

You never know when you might encounter a problem with chair lifts in Guildford. Running into an obstruction on the stairs, failing to maintain the device or mechanical malfunctions are a few common reasons for issues with stair lifts. Repairs could be quite costly but if the lift comes with warranty, you won’t need to worry about spending money hiring a professional. The free repair and breakdown service will likely last for 12-24 months, but this will vary depending on which brand you choose. If it doesn’t come with warranty or if the warranty runs out, it may be worth getting the device insured.

If you have already bought chair lifts in Guildford and need to get them installed inside your home, contact Bentley Mobility Services. You can speak to an advisor by calling 0800 068 8462.

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