Sash Windows In Oxted: Considerations

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Travel & Vacations

It’s important to think about the style and functionality of your home’s windows. If you’re planning to remodel, it might be best to consider new frames, modern glazing techniques, and the styling. Sash windows in Oxted are the perfect solution when you focus on the materials and cost to install them. They offer an unparalleled glimpse into the past while having original and modern designs that can be more energy-efficient. This means that you can keep the charm and character of the house without having to stay with draughty windows.

Many people wonder how sash windows in Oxted work. The ‘sash’ is the frame, so traditional sash windows have two sashes that both slide up and down. In a sense, the sash is balanced with a counter-weight of either cast iron or steel weights hung on a cord. This is hidden in the box frame. Newer methods ensure that everything is insulated properly, but that wasn’t often done in the past. It’s a classic design that’s found mainly on Victorian and Georgian homes. However, many newer homes also use the style because it is so popular and can add a touch of familiarity and old-world style.

There are multiple options available for sash windows in Oxted, including the Edwardian, Victorian, and Georgian styles. Edwardian styles use the six-over-two panes, while the Victorian style used the two-over-two, as well as other configurations. Of course, these windows use multiple small panes of glass held together by glazing bars to create a larger area. This was the necessary method at the time because glass advancements were not that great. Since the style became popular, it is still used to this day, though there have been technological advancements to ensure energy-efficiency. Visit The Window Sanctuary to learn more and request your free quotation today.

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