Sash Windows In Kent: Why Consider

by | Jun 7, 2023 | Window Sanctuary

Sash windows in Kent are an excellent option for traditional Victorian and English Georgian properties. Their distinct design and features have become a significant part of that building heritage, which is why many people love them in a variety of homes. Usually, the window uses glazed panels that open horizontally or vertically. You’ll find that these window styles are a familiar sight in many English towns, cities, and villages. They’re elegant and charming to look at, which means you can have something that the neighbours envy. They are usually handcrafted with timber to keep the home stylish and traditional.

Sash windows in Kent have many styles and options. Sash refers to the single glazed frame. Traditional sliding sashes have two sashes that slide downward and upward. One is in front, and one is behind. They usually have counterbalances of lead that are mounted on cords. You can slide the sash upward, downward, or both ways, which means you can open the window how you see fit. You can create downdrafts and updrafts, and keep your home more comfortable depending on how you open the sashes and which ones you open. You can find modern designs that also tilt outward/inward to make it easy to clean, but these windows don’t swing outward to let in the breeze.

The Window Sanctuary offers sash windows in Kent, as well as casement windows. Both products are manufactured with the best materials, usually hardwood or pine. They’re hand-finished by skilled professionals. The windows have to go through a five-stage process before they’re ready, which means each product is painted and protected to keep out the elements and require less maintenance. Stage one and two require chemical dips to protect from mould, fungi, and moisture absorption. Stage three includes a primer and coatings of micro-porous products, while stage four and five include paint coatings of your preferred colour.

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