Regain Bathroom Independence With a Bathlift

by | Nov 12, 2014 | Health & Fitness

Are you struggling to bathe in your bathtub? Is your disability or age reducing the amount of independence you have to maintain proper hygiene? Are you lacking the financial resources to install an entirely new bathroom to accommodate your safety needs? Are you contemplating relocating to a nursing home or similar dwelling to receive minimal but additional bathroom assistance?

If you have answered yes, to any of the proceeding questions then you may need a mobility bathroom. Mobility bathrooms are bathrooms specifically designed to meet the needs of those who have mobility challenges. This article contains helpful information for you if you are interested in learning more about mobility bathrooms in Barnstaple and other parishes in the UK. Getting a bathlift may be the start to a safer and more relaxing bathtub experience. See why below.

Why a Bathlift?

Seniors and individuals with disabilities have many decisions to make. One of which is whether they can maintain a high quality of life remaining in their own home. Many contemplate the possibility of moving into an assisted living facility, or nursing home in order to receive more assistance. This may be the best option for some. However, for those who desire to maintain their independence, staying at home with some modifications can allow that to be possible.

Taking a shower or a bath in the morning or at night is a major part of life for all. Unfortunately, taking a shower or bath can pose dangerous to even life threatening concerns for the elderly and disabled. Bathlifts aide in providing safety while an individual showers or takes a bathe, all while sitting on their bathlift. Previously, in order to modify a bathtub individuals had to invest thousands of dollars to install a walk-in bathtub. Bathlifts are certainly more affordable and require no structural changes to the home.

Easy Installation & Easy to Use

Bathlifts are very easy to install. They require no home modifications or structural work at all. The bathlift fits into your already present bathtub and utilizes a remote control to operate. The remote control is floatable which ensures that if it falls into the bathtub it will always rise and remain within your reach. Bathlifts are lightweight and transferable. This means that it can travel with you wherever you go. Having a bathlift will allow you to travel with piece of mind, knowing that your independence can continue as you take vacations with your bathlift in tow.

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