Reducing the Cost of Central Heating

by | Jul 15, 2015 | Heating & Air Conditioning

Most people in Gloucester have central heating systems, but not all homeowners understand how to make these systems as affordable as possible. Choosing the right system for central heating in Gloucester can make a difference in the overall cost of your central heating over the years, but there are a number of other ways that the costs of central heating can also be reduced. Here are a few ways that you can reduce the cost of central heating in your home:

Replace Inefficient Central Heating Systems

One of the things you can do to reduce the cost of central heating is to replace old systems with more efficient ones. For instance, if you have a central heating system that is 10 year or older, it is likely costing you more money than you should be spending. There are a number of new boilers available on the market that are affordable and efficient.

Look Into Grants and Rebates

In many areas of the United Kingdom, there are grants available for using central heating in a home. There are a number of ways to qualify for these grants, and it can be well worth your time to look into these grants in your own area. In most cases, to qualify, a person must own their own home or rent from a private landlord. In addition, the person must receive some type of disability or income benefit. In addition, those over the age of 60 may receive a rebate.

Consider Insulation

It is estimated that about a third of a home’s heat escapes through the walls. One way to reduce this amount of escaping heat is to make sure the walls are insulated. Installing insulation within the cavities of the walls helps to make your home more efficient and reduces the money you spend heating your home. In addition, installing insulation can actually help to increase the value of your home, too. Browse website to get more details.

Go Solar

Finally, consider going solar if you are looking to decrease the cost of your central heating. This option is a very cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to heat your home. Even in the UK, it is possible to boost the performance of a central heating system with solar panels, and in some cases, the system can totally rely on getting power from the sun. Since the energy from the sun is free, there are no costs associated with this type of heat except installation and maintenance.

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