The Rayburn and the AGA are considered the two primary range cookers inside the United Kingdom. A range cooker is not the new gas or electric, brushed chrome appliance that you can purchase in large box stores. These items are somewhat cheap and when they have a new model released, you will simply scrap them and have to purchase a brand new machine. These are also the appliances that fit in the sleek and modern kitchen that the majority of modern designers think everyone wants.

However, there are still quite a few people who enjoy the look of the traditional and somewhat rustic farmhouse kitchen, with all the clutter and family togetherness that goes with it. If you are one of these individuals, then you have two basic options: the iconic AGA and the much humbler Rayburn.


The AGA was invented by Dr. Gustaf Dalen, a Nobel Prize winner in 1922 in order to help his wife with cooking responsibilities. It was first sent to Britain in 1929 and despite a few tweaks to accommodate modern cooking methods, is exactly the same as when it was created. There are a number of different sizes of the AGAs, as well as colours. The more modern models are also engineered to utilise all types of fuels that are currently available.

In the UK, this cooker is also considered to be somewhat of a status system and is the choice cooker for a number of Brits living in country houses, offering a welcoming and war heart in their homes. Additionally, right in front of your AGA offers the perfect, warm spot for your dog – further increasing the country appeal and charm. Even though this is an extremely desirable cooker, there are some who claim it does not do enough.

The Rayburn

While the Rayburn is not as iconic as the AGA, it is definitely more practical. While this stove offers a functional use and appearance, it can also be used for heating your entire home – offering multi-purpose benefits. If you are on a budget, the Rayburn is also a better option. In addition to being less expensive, it is also indestructible, making sure that you will not have to replace it only after a few years of use.

When you understand the differences in the two, you will be able to easily find the one that is right for you.

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