Levels of security are usually perceived according to the measurable need for them. As an example, if a person has never been burgled they are likely to be more trusting and not feel the need to install an alarm in their home. However, if they hear of people who have been burgled they tend to become more aware of the possibility and of course, even worse, if they are actually burgled they see it as a necessary evil. The trouble with security is that in order to prevent our homes being robbed of expensive and costly to replace items, we have to spend a fortune in security equipment.

We perceive the need for security according to the area we live. Security systems in Guildford might be more prevalent than in some of the less populated or less crime ridden areas of the country, although Guildford is not among the highest in crimes rates, it does have a sizeable population of large homes and big businesses which could be subjects of interest to many of the less desirable parties.

Measures to Protect your Business Premises and Homes
To protect your property, you can opt for a single purpose alarm system which pretty much protects your property against intrusion or burglary. There is also the idea of a ‘brainy’ system with a premises control unit that tracks movement with sensors and signals an intrusion. These security systems can be fitted with a main ‘brain’ in one room—usually near the entrance—and have a series of movement detecting sensors in every other room of the building, to sense an unauthorized presence. There are a series of devices that can installed as sensors, including infrared, ultrasonic, microwave, photo-electric or glass-break.

Essentially, infrared and ultrasonic both work on similar principles of motion detection, albeit through differing methods. Microwave and photo-electric beams work in similar ways, but emitting a series of light beams that, when broken, cause the alarm to sound. Glass-break technology uses ‘shock sensors’ to detect the smashing of glass, the sudden impact of a blunt instrument striking and breaking the glass or anything that breaks the integrity of the doorway. Aside from the burglary aspect of security there is also the much required and totally necessary need for smoke and fire alarms too.

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