If your fridge freezer isn’t working, then you need to make sure you get the problem sorted as soon as possible. You cannot risk having your food defrost, and you certainly cannot afford to waste any food from your freezer. Rushing into a purchase however is something you want to avoid. You will make the wrong decision when it comes to your purchase, and you may even make the wrong investment for your home. Before you purchase your new fridge freezer, you first need to think about where it is going to go. You may be tempted to purchase a fridge freezer which is the same size as your original appliance, but if you want to go bigger then you might want to consider purchasing two separate appliances. You can have your fridge in the same place, while having your freezer in a separate location. This will give you more storage space, and if one appliance fails, you still have another reliable option in place until you can get it repaired.

Choosing Your Size

Some fridges are very small in size. They fit underneath your counter, which is great for those with small kitchens. By purchasing a smaller fridge, you can then free up kitchen space. This is great for those who have awkward kitchen shapes, not to mention that you still have plenty of room when it comes to storing your food. fridge freezers in Leamington Spa are also widely available in freestanding alternatives. These alternatives come in a world of different sizes, and you can place them anywhere you want without worry of them fitting in properly. Whatever you choose, you should always contact a reputable distributor when purchasing your fridge freezer online.

Smaller Ice Boxes

If you want to purchase a smaller fridge for your home, then you may want to consider a freestanding fridge. These fridges normally come with very small freezer compartments, so you can still store frozen food without worry of it taking up excessive kitchen space. Another great thing about smaller fridges is that they use up a lot less electricity when compared to much larger models, and this is great if you do not use your fridge and freezer a lot. You will also find that smaller fridges also come with several compartments, making it easier than ever to store your cooked and raw food separately while retaining a great level of organization.

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