Asbestos is a harmful substance which is known to cause Mesothelioma- a form of cancer which attacks the abdomen and lung linings. Due to its toxic nature, there are codes and statutes to be followed when removing it from any place. Roofs affect the people outside it and those under it and that is why you should call a roofing contractor in Bristol if you notice your roof has asbestos. During the process of removing the asbestos, a lot of care is taken as the substance is dangerous. Here is the process;

1. Inspect the site

Asbestos can either be friable or non-friable. Non-friable asbestos is less dangerous as it is bonded together unlike the friable asbestos. With the friable asbestos, it can disintegrate and float in the air with other dust particles. The danger of this is that it can be inhaled or swallowed leading to mesothelioma.

You can find a roofing contractor in Bristol who is trained to remove the asbestos safely so look for such to inspect our roof. The samples collected are then tested for the presence of the substance and a plan on how to remove the substance is forged.

2. Removing the substance

All workers put on protective gear including respirators and overalls. A plastic sheet is placed all-round the premise to keep other people away for their safety. To remove the affected areas, very friendly means are used to ensure the integrity of your home is maintained.

3. Disposal

There are designated areas where asbestos is disposed after removing it. The substance should be placed in bags with clear labels.

If you have Asbestos on your roof or you suspect you do, call us to carry out a thorough inspection. We at Aquagard Roofing Solutions have trained and certified contractors to do that for you. If your home was constructed before 1980’s you should inspect it as there are high-chances of asbestos in homes constructed before that time.