Portsmouth’s Need for CCTV on Every Corner

by | Apr 15, 2014 | Industrial Goods and Services

Closed-circuit television—CCTV—is something that our society has got so used to that we pretty much take no notice of it these days. We are aware that we are watched every time we leave the house and there are statistics that say we are caught on camera at least three hundred times a day, which is scary in itself when we stop to think. However, we don’t actually do that in reality, do we? We don’t walk down Portsmouth high street and look up at every building to count the amount of cameras that could be trained on us at every turn.

Closed-circuit television is different from regular television, in that it is not a broadcast service, but closed to the circuit upon which it is created. However, some CCTV circuits do have multipoint or point to point—P2P—whereby they can be watched remotely from an access control point. CCTV is found in airports, shops, casinos, banks, supermarkets and outside in the street. It has often been a point of public information that the police use closed-circuit television to determine the whereabouts of a suspect or find out further details of a crime. Either way, CCTV is used to solve crimes every day and whether we feel comfortable with them or not, they are a necessary part of our modern world.

History and information Technology
As early as 1942 Germany saw the first CCTV system installed for the purpose of watching the V-2 rocket launches. The concept reached the United States in 1949 as a crude version, not requiring a permit from the government. It appeared for sure in Times Square in 1973, installed by the New York Police Department. Seen as a more simple and less expensive way of deterring crime, the concept finally reached the United Kingdom, where it has become one of the most popular forms of security and protection in the entire country. CCTV is very similar to video surveillance in that it can also record events so that they can be used in court, referred to by police to determine a suspect’s possible guilt or absolute innocence and to deter thieves from stealing if they know they are on camera and it has helped to decrease crime by up to 51% in some areas.

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