Paying for Access Control in Portsmouth – How Monitored Alarms Could Deter Thieves

by | Sep 5, 2014 | Business

How safe if your house? This is a question that all homeowners should ask themselves, but many fail to recognise a lack in security. Every property, no matter what its size or location, will be vulnerable to break-ins unless access control in Portsmouth is installed. With a monitored security system, you can relax in the knowledge that the police will arrive at your premises should someone trespass or steal goods. Not sure if immediate response monitoring is for you? Check out the main appeals of these carefully designed devices.

Emergency Help and Fire Protection
Whether you are a business owner looking out for your staff and customers or a homeowner hoping to keep your family safe from danger, access control in Portsmouth is always a good idea. With monitored alarms you can gain peace of mind in the knowledge that should a fire break out, the local fire service will be called to your property immediately. In addition to this, when the alarm activates it will send a signal to the police, who will respond as quickly as possible to tackle whatever issue arises.

Police Response and Duress Signal
Monitored alarms are designed to send secret code signals to a centre. This means that if you ever come close to danger, someone will be on their way to help. Some alarms feature an ‘Assistance’ button, which you can press if you are in distress or require emergency help. You can even send a ‘Personal Attack’ signal from some devices, meaning you won’t have to rely on a neighbour to come to your aid like you would if you had a bell-only alarm installed.

Monitoring Options
There are some added extras available from most companies that specialise in access control. If you want to heighten security further, opt for alarms with a Carbon Monoxide detector built in. Lethal fires can be detected much faster than ordinary smoke alarms with this technology. In the event of a fire, the Fire Brigade will then be called. Another monitoring option for CCTV cameras is False Alarm Management. Alarms with this feature have an internal siren, which sounds if a burglar steps foot inside the property. Instead of waking the neighbours, you an deter the person who is trespassing.

A wide range of solutions to access control in Portsmouth are available through Bridger Alarms Limited – a business offering internal and external cameras.

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