Oak Wood Is the Best Choice for Flooring

by | Jun 8, 2023 | Flooring

When it comes to putting new flooring in your home or business, oak flooring from an Exeter timber merchant is the best choice. Oak is a very popular flooring choice for many people. There are many benefits when it comes to investing in oak flooring and all it has to offer. One of the main benefits is that it is extremely hard wearing. For centuries it has been used in the building trade and has successfully established extreme credibility where durability is concerned. Fact is, 200-year-old reclaimed oak still looks gorgeous. It is a flooring option that also improves with age. The colour only becomes richer and gets better over time.

It Is All About the Grain

Oak has an extremely attractive grain that makes it perfect for flooring. You get the decorative styles and patterns that most other types of wood flooring don’t offer. The grain actually replaces what linoleum and carpet can do when it comes to providing more styles. Consider oak to be the flooring alternative to linoleum and patterned carpet due to its gorgeous grains. Purchase prime grade oak for a clean-cut appearance or rustic which has more knots as well as grain patterns.

Choose from and the Astonishing Array of Oak Dimensions and Style Grades

Oak is popular and abundant. Thus, it has been made available in a wide array of dimensions and style grades. This gives you the opportunity to find the precise look you desire. If you prefer to stain your wood flooring, oak is perfect for colouring and staining adding even more decorative choices for your flooring options. It is already available in shades from its natural colour to limed white and even very dark. You can have your flooring clean-cut for a contemporary look, or choose an antique appearance. No matter what you choose, oak is resistant to insect and fungal attacks. Essentially, this means that you will spend less money on damage repairs to your floor, as well. Click here for more details.

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