Oak Flooring and Why it is Popular

by | May 18, 2017 | Flooring

Installing new flooring may be a big undertaking and there is a lot of thought and preparation that goes into finding the perfect type of flooring, but it can be easier if you choose oak flooring; Taunton has many quality hardwood flooring options available. One very popular option among homeowners is oak flooring. As you shop around you will see that oak flooring is very popular but you will also see a number of types and grades mentioned. Here is a handy guide to better understanding these terms so you can make a more informed decision about what is best for your home and décor needs.

A&B Grade:The higher grades in oak wood panels have uniform hue and shade saturation and gradation. There are smaller knots and deformities and the grain patter is fairly uniform and balanced and the texture is softer than lower grade oak panels.

C Grade: More variation in tone, saturation, hue, and grain is present in this lower grade oak wood cut. It often has a rougher and ore rugged look with more knots, streaks, and unbalanced grain lines.
Classic Oak:This type of flooring is a natural mix of all three grades of wood to offer the closest look to natural oak wood patterns and designs.

Rustic Oak:This is a variation of the classic design, but has a higher percentage of C grade so it is more rugged looking and is usually less costly.

Cottage Oak:C grade wood throughout it is a very dark, unbalanced, rugged and often rough textured wood panel choice.

Many homeowners look at redoing their flooring at least once during their time in the home. If you choose oak flooring; Taunton has the best services available from Blamphayne Sawmills. They have a variety of wood types to choose from but the one that is proving to be very popular among homeowners is oak flooring! Click here for more information on Oak flooring.

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