Not all concrete is the same

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Business

We rely on concrete every day to keep our structures steady and to protect us by their strength from the outside elements. The difficulty with concrete is often what makes it such a desirable product – it sets quickly and can be virtually impossible to budge once its rigidity has set in. This makes it necessary for professionals to handle concrete for maximum results and safety. Of course, if you have a small job at home, it is possible to mix your own concrete, but it’s always advisable to get advice from experts first, and to ensure that great care is taken with the treatment of the concrete so that there isn’t damage to your property following your DIY project.

When you require concrete pumping for a larger project

For many concrete pumping companies in Cardiff, no project is too big or small. These days, companies use computerised systems to provide for specific batches of concrete that have been ordered, and usually have different sized vehicles to deliver the batches. If you’re using a concrete pumping company, you will be aware that there is often restricted access between homes and down narrow streets. A local company will know the layout of the town and will be able to make arrangements to ensure that a vehicle can get to you even if you’re in a terraced house or up a steep incline. Some have an elaborate system of pipes that can stretch around your home to get to the desired construction spot. For others, they might bring wheelbarrows with them and can cart the concrete manually to where it’s needed. This isn’t usually the most time-effective method, but it would depend on the size of the job, and you would be able to decide which company to use based on your particular needs. Click here to know more.

What type of concrete should you use?

The layman thinks that concrete is all the same, but there are a variety of different strengths and makes available that will give your structure different flexibility and different finishes. You would need to discuss your choices with the concrete pumping company that you have chosen in Cardiff, and can then make a final decision. If you’re looking for a top-end concrete, you may want to choose a Lafarge approved contractor for your ready mix concrete. Some products have better finishes, while others might be more environmentally-friendly, so you would need to do your homework first.

There are many different types of concrete available. If you need concrete pumping in Cardiff, look no further. South Wales Concrete Pumping can answer all your questions and can offer you professional advice through their expert staff.

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