Maintaining Vehicles with Automotive Lubricants from a Heating Oil Supplier in Cheltenham

by | Jan 9, 2015 | Industrial Goods and Services

If you drive your car every day, whether it is for social or business purposes, you will likely be able to detect a change in its performance. You could swing by your nearest automotive parts store to purchase automotive lubricants, or you could get in touch with a heating oil supplier in Cheltenham. The wrong lubricant could do more damage than good but if you invest in the right kind of electronic grease, penetration lubricants or motor oil, the life of your vehicle can be extended and costly repairs avoided. With the following advice, you can save funds in the long-run and prevent car corrosion and unexpected breakdowns.

Transmission Fluid

This is a slick type of lubricant that has a number of purposes. Every vehicle will be constructed with a certain type of motor vehicle transmission, which will need to be lubricated to ensure gears can be shifted manually. If you notice signs of transmission trouble, like difficulty going into gear, a burning smell or noise when the vehicle is in neutral, it’s time to get in touch with a heating oil supplier in Cheltenham for transmission fluid. It has a bright colour and two of the most common types include Mercon and Dexron.

Gear Oil

Sometimes, a high temperature form of lubricant will be necessary in the form of gear oil. Recognisable from its unusual smell, it’s vital that you select an appropriate viscosity grade when buying from a heating oil supplier in Cheltenham. There will be three sets of criteria one must pay attention to ahead of buying in bulk, such as the viscosity, the base oil type and the additives. Gear type and operating conditions will affect the automobile’s performance with gear oil, which is why you should not rush into making a purchase until you are confident the product is suitable.

Chassis and Wheel Bearing Grease

Another type of automotive lubricant you can buy from an oil supplier is chassis and wheel bearing grease. The most commonly used of them all, this grease prevents problems from occurring prematurely. Any component that has a grease fitting will need to be lubricated with this grease. In most cases, the grease can be applied with a gun which when squeezed, will release lubricant into the right areas.

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