Know who is responsible when you have a blocked drain

by | May 19, 2016 | Plumbing

One of the situations that home-owners dread most is having a blocked drain. Drainage is the type of thing that most people don’t give a second thought to until suddenly there is a pool of water in the basin or the sink, and the flow through the drain is either very slow or non-existent. In most cases, there are signs that drains are becoming blocked and it’s obvious that the flow of water out of the plughole is increasingly slow, but this is sometimes ignored in the hope that the problem will resolve itself. In the case of a blocked drain, this is not usually the case. The sooner the situation is dealt with, the better.

Establishing who is responsible for the drain

If you live in a detached home, you are usually responsible for the pipes that lead to the boundary of your property. The local council will need to see to any blockage in the main sewer pipe. If your home is semi-detached, it might be that you share a pipe with your neighbour, and then you’d need to consult with them regarding any blockage. If you live in a block of flats, you should probably contact the management company, which will have oversight of the pipes to the boundary of the property. Visit here for more information.

Resolving a blocked drain in Bournemouth

If yours is the only home experiencing a problem, you should either try to resolve the problem yourself, or call a company that specialises in handling blockages. Most companies will send an engineer who will investigate and locate the source of the blockage. Invariably, it’s something that has been put into the system that has caused the problem. Any oil or fat that is left over from cooking and which is poured down a drain can often congeal in the pipes, sometimes causing a solid barrier. Sometimes people even put baby’s nappies down a toilet, and the sewage system isn’t designed to handle anything this bulky.

If your drain seems more than just blocked, Canford Drains are able to offer the full range of services using our knowledge and experience to sort it out for you.

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