Issues that can Arise with your Boiler

by | Dec 7, 2017 | Plumbing and Plumbers

Normally, we find ourselves forgetting just how important certain items around our home can be. These items come to light when they begin to malfunction, causing things to go wrong around the house. One such item that cause quite a bit of issue, is your boiler. Often forgotten about, our boilers keep our homes warm and our water hot. On the off chance they stop working properly, you will quickly notice the problem and try to find a fix as soon as possible. Therefore, seeing to your boilers upkeep is so important. With routine inspection and upgrades when necessary, you are less likely to find yourself suffering from the effects of the cold a broken boiler can cause.

Common Issues

Boilers in Aberdeen, like any other appliance, can break down. With common issues like, lack of hot water and heat, leaks, loss of pressure, a problematic pilot light, or even strange noises, maintenance is sometimes required. Keeping your boiler inspected will help alleviate problems such as these. It is also advisable to upgrade your boiler if you have older, obsolete models. This will keep things running more efficiently in your home and keep you and your family safe from the sufferings a break down can bring.


If you have a boiler that is in good shape, worrying about keeping it that way is important. Oftentimes, when problems arise, simple fixes like flushing your boiler or parts replacement, is all you need. If that is the case, trusting your boilers needs to certified technicians is key to a quick, proper, fix.

Who to Call

If you are searching for boilers in Aberdeen, the professionals at Cas Duncan are there to assist you. With years of experience, they offer top notch maintenance, installation, and inspections for all your boiler needs.

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