Injured Athletes Receive Help From Pilates Classes

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Chiropractor

Pilates is an exercise program which focuses on strengthening muscles, flexibility increase, and overall health improvement. These exercises are performed with the use of a mat or other special equipment. During Pilates classes, every body part receives exercising and all types of activities get applications.

This exercise program came about early in 1900’s by Joseph Pilates. He developed and connected spirit, body, and mind. He developed this to bring support to his fellow World War I internee’s health along with his own health improvement. In later years, spring resistance was incorporated by him for hospital patients in rehabilitation programs, then transformed usage of spring into machines, creating unique equipment which is used now in Palates exercise programs.

Popularity of Pilates

Pilates engages both body and mind to create exercises which include the entire body. Attention is focused on efficient and proper forms of movements and breathing, as well. Pilates improves balance, strengthens the core, decreases stress, and increases coordination. Exercises performed in Pilates classes are safe and low impact. Participants feel the benefits from Pilates in their everyday life due to gaining knowledge of moving better.

Pilates is taught in chiropractor’s offices, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and fitness studios for the wellbeing and health of clients that are physically fit or recently injured.

Pilates Classes for Injured Athletes

Many principles which are used in the recuperation of injured athletes are also used in Pilates. There is focus on movement control with Pilates, thereby preventing further injuries to a body. Pilates is an exercise which is low-impact and will not bring on overuse syndromes and inflammation. Some additional benefits of Pilates include flexibility improvement and strength increase.

Prevention of Injury

Pilates are used in the prevention of injuries to athletes. They are using Pilates as a way to “crosstrain.” The body is able to learn through Pilates classes, a more balanced and efficient movement. To help prevent injury to the body, flexibility is improved. Athletes are less likely to encounter injuries when they have better core strength and their movement has better dynamic control. This is known as “neuromuscular control” which is used in the prevention of injuries to athletes including ankle sprains and ACL tears.

Continuing to Grow

Pilate’s popularity continues to grow as more people and athletes choose it to bring them an improvement in health. This type of exercise brings benefits to anyone who chooses to participate in it, not just athletes.

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