How To Transfer Money To India From UK

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Business

People who are comfortable with latest technological advancement are inclining towards online remittance services because soon they have realized an importance and convenience of online facility. Relying on internet for money transfer does enhance the efficacy of the whole standard procedure and proves to be beneficial from the recipient’s point of view. Today this method is widely appreciated and chosen by large number of audience across the globe. So now the time has come to adieu traditional means of money transfer and go for internet based money transfer options such as online remittance. If you are largely surrounded by the question as how to transfer money to India from UK? Then this blog will act as a detail guide for you. Once you log on to for the purpose of sending money from UK to India, you will realize that there are two means of money transfer which are classified into water tight compartments viz. traditional means of money transfer and contemporary means of money transfer.

Internet Bank Transfer seems to be the simplest way to send money to several banks and it connects you faster. One can transact particular amount by signing in to bank service. A Wire transfer is another option available to you with the help of which a person can send money to his native country via RemitGuru from overseas within two days period. RemitGuru also gives unique tracking number to assist you on every stage; you can confirm all the details related to the money transfer procedure. All the remittance will be directly transferred to the beneficiary’s account as soon as RemitGuru receives an amount. Our customers can rely on the ‘indicative rates to get broader idea about exchange rates at which actual transfer may occur. Moreover if you are willing to go for fixed exchange rates that will protect your amount despite of uncertain market. is a one stop solution to all your remittance related affairs.

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