How to Tell if your Window is Single or Double Glazed

by | May 4, 2018 | Glazing

As it becomes more widely available, and thus cheaper, the average homeowner has veered further and further toward double glazed windows for their homes. And it isn’t hard to see why, they bring down the cost for air conditioning by not letting air escape or come in, they resist condensation, and they’re typically stronger than the average single glazed glass window. However, to the untrained eye, it can be hard to tell whether you already have double glazed windows in your home, and thus whether you need to pay for an installation. If you are interested in double glazing in Guildford, and you want ways to know which of your windows are double glazed and which aren’t, read on for the options available to you.

#1. Look at the edge
Look at every window in your home, and more specifically, look at the edge of that window. It’s hard to see the two panes when staring at the window straight on, but when you look at the edge, it becomes a bit more obvious. Double glazed windows will show the gap at the edge, it’s hard to miss when looking at this specific part of the window as close as you likely would be in this scenario so don’t worry about that. And to help with that, the part of the sill between the two panes will usually be made of tin foil.

#2. Flashlight test
Since double glazed windows have two panes, shining a flashlight at the window will serve as a great judge of the glaze of your windows. You can do this from either side of the window, all you have to do is shine the light and look closely. As the light moves through the glass, some of the light will be refracted off, even if the rest makes it through. This will happen with any piece of glass it touches, so when you shine the light, look for any other “light spots” on the glass besides the one on the surface. That will be your best clue as to the number of glazes your window has.

Okay so you’ve found that a few windows in your house are single glazed, what do you do now? You could have them removed and replaced, but a cheaper option would be to have them modified into double glazed windows, since it’s just a matter of attaching another pane of glass to the windowsill. If you want to know who to go to for such an operation, there are few more qualified than Allways Glazing Works.

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