How to Survive When Your Refrigeration Equipment Breaks Down

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Refrigeration

There is one thing in which every fast-food outlet, restaurant, bar, and other venues have in common. They all require refrigeration equipment to keep the drinks cold and the food fresh. So what do you do when the worst case scenario occurs and the main kitchen cool room is no longer cold? How do you survive when your refrigeration equipment loses its cool and breaks down? You contact a reputable company that specializes in refrigeration equipment as soon as possible. Do not hesitate for a second. The quicker you contact a company the faster refrigeration engineers in Exeter can be there to repair the problem.

Refrigeration Specialists Provide an Array of Services

While you are waiting on an engineer to come by your establishment, you want to move any perishable food items into another cooler as quick as you can. This is important to prevent loss of earnings from damaged stock, and also helps by improving access for the engineer that will need to inspect the equipment. A highly trained F-Gas engineer will examine your cooler and inform you if it can be repaired or not. If it can be repaired they will begin working on it immediately so it is back up and running as it should. If it is best that your cooler needs to be replaced an engineer will let you know of the refrigeration products they supply and will install it for you. The refrigeration services engineers offer are design, installation, and maintenance, sales and servicing.

Wide Range of Refrigeration Appliances Include:

* Bulk Milk Tanks

* Drink Cabinets

* Walk-In Coolers

* Blast Freezers

* Cold Stores

* Multidecks

* Display Chillers

Take Steps to Prevent This Nightmare Scenario from Happening Again

When a refrigeration engineer is done talk with them about maintenance. By doing this you are taking the proper steps to prevent this nightmare scenario from happening again. Most refrigeration breakdowns and faults are caused by a simple lack of maintenance and in many cases could have been prevented. As an added bonus your equipment will run more efficiently and cost less to run. Preventative maintenance is cheaper than most people expect and is well worth undertaking. Maintain your equipment correctly and not only will you save money, you can relax with knowing your refrigeration gear is in great hands. Click here for more details.

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