How to make a Visit to the Vet Comfortable

by | Jun 12, 2023 | Veterinarian

Pet owners visit vet clinics for serious and non-serious health conditions. In either case, you should know that there are other pet owners who have come with different conditions and their pets have different behaviours and conditions. Fortunately for pet owners who will be in the vet clinic for shots and routine check-ups, their pets will be happy because they are not in any pain. That is different for pet owners whose pets are unwell. So, you need to keep the following points in mind for you to have a good time at the vet.

1. Do not allow your pet to sniff other pets or to be sniffed. This is because you do not know what the other pets are suffering from. If your pet sniffs a pet under pain or stress, the other pet can bite him because they are not in the mood for sniffing.

2. Do not use your phone during examination time. During that time, the vet may be explaining something important to you about your pet and you may miss it if you are not keen enough. It is also rude for you to be on the phone when someone is speaking to you.

3. If you are a cat owner, carry your cat in a pet taxi when visiting the vet in Durham. Remember not everyone will tolerate your pet so find a way to keep your pet to yourself. As for a dog, put him in a leash to control his movements.

Vets from Durham have a big heart for animals but you should also make it your responsibility to give the vet an easy time when you visit their clinic. Abide by the rules that the vet has set and that will make it easy for everyone visiting the vet.

Our vets at Ashfield Veterinary Surgery know how to create rapport with your pets, making them feel comfortable for examinations and treatment.

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