How to Identify Emergency Conditions in Pets

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Veterinarian

How would you determine if your pet needs emergency medical services? Some medical conditions start off with symptoms that do not seem life threatening but they turn out to be serious. It is important for you as a pet owner to know the conditions that warrants emergency medical attention so that you can save your pet’s life if they ever faced such a situation.

How to identify an emergency

The first step to identifying if your pet needs emergency medical attention is to examine the pet’s gum. Why the gum? It gives information about haemorrhage, circulation, shock, and blood oxygenation. A pet’s gum is pink in colour but when you press it, the part where you press should turn white then pink within two seconds. If there is a problem, the gum will be either grey, red, blue or pale in colour. If you want to know the colour of your pet’s gum, observe it when the pet is not in distress. Visit an emergency vet in County Durham if the gum has a different colour apart from its normal colour.

Confirmation of the condition

Secondly, if you are unsure about the state of your pet’s health, call an emergency vet. Explain to him how your pet is behaving then he will advise on whether you need to visit an emergency vet in County Durham. Some of the conditions that the vets consider emergency are not always life threatening but they cause discomfort and pain to your pet. Such conditions include bladder infections, broken toe nail and ear infections. Remember that your pet does not suffer any harm when you take him to the vet but they may suffer if you ignore a symptomatic condition.

Some conditions that need emergency treatment include;

* Seizures

* coughing

* Difficulty in breathing

* Haemorrhage

* Inability to drink or eat

* Restlessness

* Profound weakness

* Vomiting

* Severe pain

Contact our emergency vet at Ashfield Veterinary Surgery for timely medical treatment for your pet if your pet has an emergency medical condition.

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