How to Create a Check-list during Moving

by | Jun 19, 2023 | Removal Services

Moving house involves a lot of activities and if you do not plan yourself well, moving can be very tiresome for you. One way to simplify the process is by creating a moving house check-list. The check-list helps you plan for the process by coming up with a framework of the activities to do and the specific time periods for carrying out the activities.

Some of the major items to include on the moving house check-list in Oxford are;

* Disconnect utilities such as phone and electricity

* Prepare to change your address and notify the service provider in good time

* Look for a house removal service provider

When planning the move, include the following activities in the list;

* Take advantage of the moving to de-clutter your house. Throw away or donate items that you no longer need

* Come up with a list of items that you need as you move houses

* If there are items that you rarely need but you want to move with to the new house, pack them early

* Service your car before moving especially if the distance between the new house is far from your previous house

* Money is very important during moving so prepare some cash. Remember you will need to pay the removal company and some costs will arise as you settle in your new place

* When packing your items, label each box. For convenience sake, label with the items that it contains and keep updating the name as you add more stuff into the box

* Arrange for storage services for the products that you will not immediately move with to the new house

* If you have children and pets, plan for what they will need during the move like diapers, food, entertainment and medication

* Before you start moving house to Oxford, plan to have gas, electricity and phone services reconnected in your new home

One week before moving

* Consume all the food in your fridge

* Hand over the spare keys to the agent or new owner

* Notify the insurance company, family members and relevant people of your new address

* On the moving day, go through the checklist to confirm that you have accomplished all your pre-moving tasks

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