How a Good Boiler Service Can Keep Your Boiler Running Efficiently

by | Apr 28, 2014 | Business

Finding a great boiler service is vitally important if you want your boiler to last for years to come. Boilers can be very expensive to replace, and a simple repair can easily turn into a malfunction if the repair is left unattended to. A gas boiler service will be able to service your boiler for you, ensuring that there are no foreseeable problems with your existing appliance. They will also perform thermostat checks, water filling, pressure checks and even carbon monoxide checks, ensuring that your boiler stays in top condition at all times.

What a Boiler Service Team Can Do

When you hire a boiler service in Gloucester, they will check every aspect of your boiler to make sure that it is in full working order. They will also check the electrics within the boiler, using circuit breakers and fuse controls to help diagnose any underlying problems. This is a great way to save money for the future, and you will also find that in most cases they can repair smaller problems on the same day. If you’re experiencing problems with your boilers power, then it might have a blown fuse. In this case, your boiler service will take specific precautions before they make the repair. They will first see if the PSI on the boiler is between 12 and 15, as this is standard for most boilers. This is because older boilers might not come with pressure reducing valves, so you have to manually push the water through until the pressure is reached again. They might also need to adjust the temperature again, to make sure that your boiler is in full working order before they leave your home.

Other Problems You Might Experience

Other problems that your boiler might experience include a change in mineral deposits. If the number of mineral deposits in the water changes then your boiler technician may have to read the Tridicator. This notifies you of the combination pressure, because sometimes the water may rise unexpectedly because of the mineral deposits. If this is the cause of your problem, then your technician will flush your system to reduce this and bring your water back to a normal level. Regardless of what your problem is, you should always call a technician to make your boiler repairs for you. Home repairs are not safe, and they should be avoided at all times. In most cases, you may even be doing more harm than good so this is another thing to consider before you attempt your repairs. Contact your local provider today to find out more.

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