Hiring a Skip and What can go In it

by | May 27, 2014 | Business

At one time or another we have all walked passed a skip and had a peek inside. We hate to admit it but we have been curious why someone would throw away a specific item and many of us have probably dragged that item out of the said skip and taken it home. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but we won’t tell a soul we did it. Skips are a source of fascination to many people, even though most of the time they will only contain items like bits of broken wood, old skirting boards and pieces of dry wall that have been tossed out of a home that’s being renovated.

If you are renovating your home and pulling bricks out of walls, tearing down dry wall and ripping off old wallpaper you might wonder what you will do with it. Skip hire in Newcastle is the simple solution and you can put all those items inside the skip and have it collected, emptied and returned if you need the use of it again. There are new laws and legislation regarding waste disposal and there are certain contents that are no longer allowable in skips. For instance, hazardous materials that may cause danger to public health, liquids, electrical household appliances—fridges—and anything that might be asbestos related. Fridges contain Freon gas that can harm the environment and people, so fridges are now a prohibited item in skips. If you have a fridge that you need to dispose of you should call a reputable waste management company who know how to dispose of it carefully, safely and lawfully.

What can I put In it?

It is safe to load the skip with building materials, such as hardcore concrete, tarmac, stone and rubble. You can also put general household waste in the skip, with the exception of liquids, mentioned above. Wood is fine to fill the skip with, as is dry wall, soil and any builders waste. You should probably not put wet concrete inside the skip, however, but wait until it has set hard so that it doesn’t bond to the surface of the skip floor and cause damage.


Skips come in many sizes and you can order a skip to the specifications that you need. You hire a skip according to the yardage and they come in three, four, six, eight, ten, twelve yard measurements. You can also hire industrial sizes of twenty yard and fifty yard. Normally a skip hire company will offer other options, like bags, which are more simple to collect and deliver. However, they are more difficult for a grab truck to pick up and may cause spillage, so a skip may be better under some circumstances.

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