Help the Environment with Paper, Metal and Glass Waste Recycling in Devon

by | Feb 19, 2015 | Business

Between 2003 and 2004, households around the United Kingdom produced 30.5 million tonnes of waste. This is a whole lot of rubbish and only a shocking 17 percent of it was recycled according to the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. To improve these statistics, waste management companies are providing customers with various options for recycling in Devon, from skips and containers to wheelie bins. If you decide to invest in these services you could be helping the environment in the following ways.

Paper Waste Recycling

Corrugated paper, newspaper and plain white paper is made from trees. By recycling in Devon, the paper can be used time and time again. With so much recycled paper available to use, fewer trees will need to be chopped down. When you consider the fact that trees make up the ecosystem and habitat for a lot of living things, it’s definitely worth sending your old papers to a local recycling center. The paper will undergo a number of processes before it can be used again, such as re-pulping, screening, refining, color stripping and bleaching.

Metal Waste Recycling

Metal is a strong material with a wide variety of uses. Extremely strong and versatile, it is high in demand around the world. The fact that most types of metal can be melted and manipulated to create objects of different sizes and shapes makes it a desirable recyclable material. First, the metal will be collected, before it is prepared and melted. Powerful rollers will then flatten the metal into thin sheets, allowing for easy carrying and storing. It could then take a number of weeks before the metal is transformed into something at factories.

Glass Waste Recycling

You may have noticed that centers for waste recycling in Devon have different containers for each type of glass. Transparent, green and brown glass may be used for similar things, such as windows and doors, but they are crafted in a unique way. Glass should be washed and separated before it is transported for crushing. Once crushed, special factories will combine it with limestone, soda ash and sand, which will melt when heated and become liquid glass. You can find out what type of recyclable glass you have by checking its grade.

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