Nothing like a good stretch of shoe shopping to calm the nerves, right? Perks you
up good? True, unless you have plus size feet.
For ladies with plus size feet, buying shoes that are stylish and fit can be tough. It’s
not so much the size or the lack of plus size in this case. It’s the lack of style too.

A Real Let-down

For many years, if you were a size 9, you had to swallow your disappointment and
be content with fewer footwear styles. How many times did you want that hot pink
number only to end up with a neutral grey because that was the only color available
in your size?

You’ve heard it all before!

Over the years, you’ve got used to what the shop assistants would say whenever
you asked for a pair of size 9s. They always start out with an apology right? You’ve
heard it so much that when you do find a pair that fits, you want to buy a dozen
pairs in different colors. These days, with sites like Crispins Shoes offering a wide
selection of ladies size 9 shoes, the experience is totally different. For one,
there’s none of the needle-in-a-haystack kind of feeling you used to get whenever
you shopped for shoes. But the market still has a long way to go in creating shoes
that really combine comfort and style for those ladies with plus size feet.
So here are few handy tips from the Huffington Post to make your shopping
experience more pleasurable:

1. Know your foot size. Foot size will change with age and weight
fluctuations. If you’re planning to order shoes online, it’s very important that
your foot measurements are accurate to ensure the perfect fit. For
assistance, you could go to a sit-and-fit establishment to get your
measurements taken.

2. Allow for wiggle room. Always! So say you think you’re a UK size 9. Make
sure to buy ladies size 9 shoes that give your toes enough wiggle room. If
there’s no room to wiggle go for 9.5. If you have particularly wide feet. Then
perhaps pass up on those pointy pumps. The design isn’t suited for wide feet.
And if you force it, thinking the shoe would eventually have some give, you’ll
be sorely disappointed!

3. Have wisdom. Don’t sacrifice fit for style. Smitten with a pretty pair of
shoes that are only available in half a size smaller than your size? Unless
you’re planning on cutting off your toes, you know you probably won’t fit in
those shoes. So don’t go down that road. Have the emotional fortitude to
pick comfortable shoes over pretty ones any day. You’ll be grateful you did.

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