Getting Flashings Fitted – What Areas Can Flashing Be Used On?

by | Jul 19, 2014 | Business

The construction industry in the United Kingdom, and around the world for that matter, heavily relies on flashings. Weather and sound-proof, flashings offer a wide range of practical and aesthetic benefits, such as good heat retention and extreme durability. A varied palette of colour coated finishes are available, therefore you can feel confident that it won’t look out of place on your property.

Flashings can be produced with aluminium, coated materials, galvanised steel, lead-coated copper and many other adhesive backed materials. Before you choose the material and powder coating options, take a look at the ways in which flashings can be used to provide a 100 percent clean run-off.

Roof Flashings

Perhaps the most popular type of flashings are for the roof. Created with impervious materials, they can lower energy bills, improve the appearance and strengthen the structure. An alternative option is roof penetration flashing, which can be fitted on sloped or flat roofs. The process of fitting roof penetration flashings involves constructing a curb near the opening. Flashing should be attached before roofing is installed to ensure water does not flow into any cracks or openings. Pockets where water can collect will be filled with shingles, tile or slate.

Wall Flashings

Intersecting walls on a property can sometimes deal with moisture problems if water finds a way in. This can contribute to heat loss, which is why wall flashings are a good investment. A protective barrier from Mother Nature’s sometimes harsh elements, they can be fitted on the most vulnerable roofing system area. When installed on vent stacks, chimneys, hatches, skylights, parapets and towers, the junctions can be made watertight to discourage water entrapment.

Sill Flashings

Extra protection for windows can be achieved with double-glazing, but an option that offers added protection is sill flashing. These types of flashings will prevent rot, making them an ideal choice for wooden windows. Concealed underneath the window, it will act as a strong seal against water and air infiltration throughout the seasons. So strong is the flashing that it will normally outlive the exterior windows and doors on a property. When you consider the fact that it only adds a small percentage to the window’s construction cost, it is definitely a profitable investment.

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