For luxury and performance in an automobile, insist on Aston Martin

by | Dec 11, 2015 | Car Hire

Who doesn’t conger up ideas of the life of James Bond when the Aston Martin is being discussed. 007 first drove an iconic DB5 in numerous James Bond movies including Goldfinger, Thunderball and On Her Majesties Secret Service. Other Bond movies featured the Aston Martin Volante, Vanquish, DBS and DB10.

You do not have to have a license to kill to drive one of the UKs most impressive sports cars, you can arrange to put yourself behind the wheel of the stunning DB9, all it takes is a call to arrange for Aston Martin car hire in London, UK. If it is your desire to arrive at an executive event or other corporate get together or whether you simply want to see your friends heads turn, there is no better vehicle than the Aston Martin to accomplish your goal.

There is untold value in first impressions. Although the object of a business meeting is business, often the groundwork can be laid by impressing those that you are meeting with, arriving in a DB9, especially if it is chauffeur driven will certainly do that.
There are supercars and then there is the Aston Martin; sports car performance comes from its 510 HP V12 engine but the car manages to display the style and panache of a luxurious Gran Turismo. Regardless of whether your intention is to arrive in a distinctive automobile or to take your partner and two people’s luggage on a long journey at speed, the DB9 does it in comfort.

The focus of Aston Martin is to bring to the market an elegant vehicle that is extremely powerful, a true performer with the interior accoutrements of a fine luxury sedan. The DB range first appeared in the 1950s, the vehicle is a true thoroughbred having been tastefully refined to the point where it is today, one of the most recognisable and striking vehicles on the road. Those that opt for Aston Martin car hire in London, UK are those that are accustomed to nothing but the best; hand stitched leather, luxurious wood panels and a fit and finish that is equal to some of the best furnishings available.

Very few can actually enjoy the privilege of owning such an automobile, but that does not mean that it is impossible never to experience one. Hiring such a vehicle will not break the bank but it will break the hearts of those that can only wish for such an experience.

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