So, you’ve decided to build a beautiful wood fence around our home to add security and an eye pleasing look to your lawn. There is much to take into consideration once you are in the planning phase but in the case of a wooden fence none is more important than the wood you choose. There are many different types to choose from, do you stain it or not, do you want a modern look or more of a rustic fence line, how will each type of wood hold up against the weather?

How to Build A Fence

There are two options available to you at this point. Firstly, you can buy the raw materials and build the fence yourself from scratch, gathering the things you need from screws and nails, planks, concrete, posts and a gate if you decide to have one. The other option is to have pre-built fence panels delivered. This of course is the most time saving thing to do but of course it may not be in line with the vision you have in your head. Both options have their positives and negatives and it just comes down to whichever method you feel will do the most to bring what you have in your mind to reality.

What if You Don’t Want to do the Work Yourself?

Fortunately, this option is also available to you in the form of hiring a contractor that will get all the supplies you need and build you fence to your specifications. This of course has the benefit of keeping your time free to enjoy other aspects of your life. Even more importantly though is that you are hiring an expert with years of experience and you can be rest assured that the job is done correctly. Click here for more information.