Flying Experience Let’s You Take a View from the Top

by | Jun 12, 2023 | Flight School

Have you been contemplating a flying experience in Bristol? Stop thinking about it, and just do it already you will be glad you did. When researching available flight experiences near you, get the most for your money by choosing a flight school in your area. A flight school can offer you many different amenities that some aviation organizations simply cannot, from experience in instructing the unseasoned pilot to different types of aircraft offered.

Benefits of Choosing a Flight School

* Your Choice of Destination

* Your Choice of Duration

* Full Pre-Flight Briefing Before Flight

* Hands on Flying 90% of the Time

* Actual Flight Experience That Can be Added to Pilot’s Logbook

* Two and Four Seater Aircrafts

* First Flight Certificate

Don’t Forget Your Camera

Get a first-hand look at some of the most breath-taking aerial views the South West has to offer. From the rough and rugged coastlines, to gorgeous secluded villages, and sprawling fields of the countryside this experience is definitely something you will want to cross off your bucket list (perhaps a few times over). When securing your flying experience consider choosing a four seater touring aircraft, and bring one or two friends who can share in your flying experience and capture the views with a camera. Guests who arrive with you, but are not flying can watch all the aerial activity from the ground, and often times grab a bite to eat if onsite restaurants and lounge or patio areas are available.

Take Off and Land Yourself a Winner

Take off with a flying school like Devon & Somerset Flight Training. They are located in the heart of The Blackdown Hills, which boasts a wide variety of visually stunning geography you won’t soon forget. Think outside of the box, and give the gift of adventure and flight today.

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