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Fences were originally ‘invented’ as a way for keeping cattle and livestock from creeping on to the land of another farmer. Before the days of branding or livestock tagging and other forms of identification there was only one other way to keep your own cattle and livestock separate and that was to dig a ditch deep enough that the cattle couldn’t jump it. Initially, fences were made from crude pieces of tree limbs and branches that had come down in a storm or were cut using rudimentary tools. Later, as fencing and tools both progressed they were constructed using shaped wooden planks with posts buried into the ground. Nails were used to hold the horizontal pieces to the vertical posts and a gate was created so that the farmer, landowner or worker could exit and enter the field.

Differences between Fences and Walls

Fences and walls are different only because of the material that they are made from. They tend to be defined by a fence being made from wood, wire, metal or something that is more or less see through. Whereas a wall is a solid structure that is made from concrete, brick, stone or other material that cannot be seen through without prior design. Most of the farmland in the United Kingdom tends to be in rural areas and Wales has more farmland and grazing pastures than many parts of England. Wrexham is a very rural area, except for the actual city.

Agricultural fencing has a propensity to made from wood or wire because of the threat from other predators. Chickens, for example, are usually fenced in using cross threaded chicken wire which has a kind of honeycomb appearance, but it makes it hard for foxes to infiltrate the coop. In timber rich areas it is not uncommon to see split rail fences with four levels of wooden rail, making them harder to jump over and get through. The most common form of fence is the perimeter fence which is basically a prevention fence to stop unwanted visitors getting onto your property. Of course, if a person just wants to keep people or animals in or out of their property for a short time they can opt for temporary fencing which can be removed afterward.

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