Factors determining the Cost of windows

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Doors and Windows

Every home owner who has had a makeover must consider the cost of the home improvement before undertaking the project. When it comes to improvements touching on windows, home owners must remember that the windows cost different prices and so the cost of the project will be different depending on some factors;

1. Frame insulation – A window can either have insulation or none. For modern windows, they have a hollow cavity to allow air to travel through. Windows with high quality insulating materials cost more but they are more energy efficient. Keep that in mind when purchasing windows in Farnham.

2. Window gas – Which gas does the window have between the panes? There are different types of gases each with its level of efficiency. The more efficient the gas is, the more the window panes cost. A window can have argon, krypton or no gas between the panes.

3. The frame used –Some of the frames include vinyl, metal and fiberglass. Metal frames are rarely used for family homes, they appeal to commercial windows. Though fiberglass has a higher cost, it is the most common window frame for home because of its strength. Vinyl has a wide range of options ranging from high to low end windows. The cost of the materials is different so talk to a professional to guide you on the best material. Visit here for more information.

4. The number of panes – Do you want a single, double or triple glazed window? Single pane windows cost less but they are not as efficient in saving energy like the double and triple pane windows. When it comes to the cost, single pane windows cost the least while the triple pane windows cost more.

5. Window coating – Sometimes windows in Farnham are coated to control the heat loss. A coated window reduces heat loss by between 30 to 50%. The coated windows prevent the furnishing and fixtures in your homes from fading as the windows allow only a small amount of heat into the house.

Remember that if the budget is high, you can choose to carry out the project in stages. Contact Allways Glazing Works for detailed information about glazing.

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