Enjoy the Many Benefits of Double Glazing Your Windows

by | Jun 12, 2023 | Travel & Vacations

Did you know that on insulated windows can lose up to 20% of the heating your home? Over time this can cost you more wear your energy bills are concerned. It can also cause other unwanted effects including condensation and higher noise levels. When you’re ready to improve your home, you need the proper double-glazed glass window installation services. You can find the precise glass in Farnham that you require. There are many benefits to letting the professionals install double glazed windows for you.

Improve Your Window Insulation

Most single panelled windows are poorly insulated. A single panel of glass is known for its side effects of poor insulation. It transfers air that’s cold quite easily and can reduce the temperature in your home which will require more heat to maintain comfortable temperatures. A double-glazed window creates a barrier that’s insulating by using two panels of glass separated by a layer of heavy inert gas or air. Keeping your home better insulated means that you will suffer from fewer droughts and cheaper energy bills.

Reduce Dampness in Your Home

Double glazing also has the added benefit of reducing dampness in your home. When condensation is reduced it also helps keep your home free from any droughts. The internal panel of glass remains at a temperature that is closer to the temperature of the room, which will reduce the effect of any internal air reaching dewpoint and depositing water on the colder object, namely the other panel of glass. You will notice that single glazed window units tend to have condensation were double glazed windows do not. Double glazed panels are also much tougher when it comes to breaking them. Consider double glazed windows to also be able to increase the security of your home from the outside environment.

Allways Glazing Works can provide you with every type of glass – toughened, safety, mirrored, obscured and more.

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