No matter whether you are building a new home or doing renovations to an existing property, when it comes to windows you should be considering double glazing. Having two panes of glass in a window is almost the minimum required these days, as some homeowners are looking at adding a third and even a fourth pane. Many years ago this wasn’t that popular as the quality of the glass was not what it is today and vision could be blurred through multiple panes. However, with today’s technology, it is hard to tell the difference between single and double glazing – the only clue is that the windows appear wider on the window sill. Actually double glazing is more than simply two panes of glass pushed tightly together. The methodology behind double (and triple) glazing is to place a layer of inert gas between the two panes. This gas makes all the difference because it is a poor conductor of heat and thus has excellent thermal insulation properties. If you’re a homeowner in Esher and don’t already have double glazed windows, this is an investment you should be seriously considering.

What makes double glazing so desirable?

Apart from the excellent insulation and climate control are the reduced energy costs. It stands to reason that if heat is being retained in your home, you will need less energy to warm the various rooms. Also, the problem with condensation that almost always occurs with a single paned window in winter is eliminated. The single pane is a good heat conductor, so allows heat to leave a room very easily and it too then becomes as cold as the air outside. Due to the heating inside the house, this causes drops of water to form on the inside of the window, which either then runs with water inside the home or freezes into frost, making visibility poor and making the rooms feel icy. With double glazing the inner pane remains much warmer and this problem seldom occurs. You can click here to get more information.

It stands to reason that double glazed windows improve sound insulation as well. The two panes of glass and the inert gas act as an effective shield that protects you from the outside environment. Thus, if you’re living near a busy street in Esher or are exposed to noisy neighbours, double glazed windows would be the way to go. Of course, double glazed windows are also harder to break, so there would be a safety factor in having them fitted. With all these factors taken into consideration, as well as the lower costs of heating, the additional price of installing these double glazed windows seems like a really good investment.

Installing double-glazed windows in Esher is actually an excellent investment due to decreased energy bills and greatly enhanced comfort. P & P Glass employees are experts at manufacturing and installing these windows and they have a branch in Esher.