Common Flat Roof Problems

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Roofing

Most homes and commercial building owners with flat roofs will tell you that flat roofs are the simplest to build but it requires some work to keep it functional. To make sure the roof is in good condition, you need to inspect it on a regular basis and repair or replace any defects. The following is a compilation of some common flat roof problems and their solutions. The solutions will guide you to know whether to repair or replace the roof depending on the severity of the problem.

Moisture and leaking – It is the most common problem with flat roof. When flat roof develops leaks, the water remains on top of the roof and seeps down in the premises. The water leads to the growth of mould and fungus inside the building where the seeping water passes through. If you want to protect your premises from moisture and leaks, schedule regular maintenance with an expert and repair any issues as soon as possible.

Alligatoring – If your flat roof is installed using asphalt, there comes a time when it changes its appearance and looks something like an alligator skin. The asphalt looks cracked and it bubbles when it losses it elasticity due to old age. When it reaches this level, flat roof repairs in Weston Super Mare cannot be used to remedy the situation and in that case, you need to replace the asphalt.

Pooling water – It is normal for water to remain on top of your flat roof after rain or snow but it should clear with time as your roof has a slope. The materials used to make your roof is manufactured to withstand the water but you should not push it by allow the water to remain on the roof for too long. Inspect the roof and schedule for flat roof repairs in Weston Super Mare if your flat roof deteriorates in its standard due to the pooling water.

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