Residential waste is collected by the local authorities and disposed of, often in a local land fill. In some cases the waste is segregated, recyclable materials are removed and the rest goes to the tip. This is not the case with commercial waste in Cardiff. Any business has a legal responsibility to safely contain and dispose of all waste generated by the business in an accepted manner. If the company fails to abide by the Environmental protection Act of 1990 the company can be sued for committing an offense.

The law applies equally to those who run a business from their home.

Commercial waste in Cardiff is anything that is no longer wanted or needed by the enterprise; this includes waste paper, cleaning products, food not fully consumed on the premises, plastic, floor sweepings, etc. The list of unwanted and unneeded items can run on and on depending on the business.

There are two options for commercial waste disposal. The company can dispose of its waste independently; in this case waste transfer notes must be provided, the note shows the location of the tip, the weight of the waste material, the type of waste and the date it was disposed of. As commercial waste disposal is not included in business rates you will be charged if you take the waste to a council waste transfer station.

The second approach to the disposal of commercial waste in Cardiff is to contract someone else to dispose of it on your behalf. The company you select must be a licensed waste carrier. If you turn your waste over to someone else that is not licensed it is a prosecutable offense.

It is not unusual for a business to say it does not generate any waste. Even the smallest of businesses dispose of the envelopes that their mail comes in, food that the staff eat while on the premises, floor sweepings, the contents of the litter bins, etc. If the waste is generated by the business, no matter how small, it is considered commercial waste and must not be taken home and put out with household trash. The trash must be disposed of in one of the two acceptable ways. You can visit here to get more details.

As a businessman you are obliged to ensure that all commercial waste is stored in suitable containers, if the container is a skip it needs to be covered so that waste cannot get out or be tampered with. The company that collects the skip must be licensed to do so.

Disposing of commercial waste in Cardiff is very different than disposing of household waste. If you elect to have a skip on site you are invited to contact Caerphilly Skips.