Choosing the right oil fuel distributors in Cheltenham is a very important choice to make. There are many different ways you can come to the decision about which company will be best to meet your needs and there are a few criteria that you should not use to make your choice. Many people look at pricing ONLY, which can be a huge mistake. There are other factors that have to be looked at to make a well informed choice about which of the distributors can meet your needs.

The Factors

Pricing is always an important issue to consider but VALUE trumps pricing every day of the week. The goal is to have a company that offers the most value for your money not that offers the cheapest cost that provides little value. The factors that you want to consider are:

  • Dependable deliveries

  • Promises kept

  • Experience

  • Service history

One of the best ways to get the most value for your money is to know that your deliveries will be dependable. This sounds like it would be a normal expectation that every service offers but unfortunately it is often something that customers have to struggle with when they look at pricing alone. Dependability is a must. Ask other customers about how well the company keeps their promises. The right distributor will have a positive reputation for doing what they say they will and their customers will be happy to tell you about it.


Value comes from the level of experience that a distributor has. A well experienced company will be able to handle all of the logistics within their company with confidence and easily be able to manage all of their deliveries on time and as scheduled. The right firm will have the experience to handle unexpected emergencies and be able to quickly respond when you need them

Service History

Find out how long a distributor has been providing service in your area. The longer the better is generally the rule. A company that has been servicing an area for a long time and that has built up a positive reputation is a company that can offer you the value that you want. You can click here to get more information.

When you are shopping around try to get a few price quotes and compare them BUT then look at the bigger picture by considering those things mentioned above. You want to save but you want to save and get a great value as well.

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