Choose from Many Different Types of Fencing Materials for New Fences

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Fencing

The type of fence you choose provides security, privacy and it should complement the exterior design of your home. A well installed fence gives you a true sense of home. There are many types of fencing material in Guildford to choose from, and each type has its benefits.

Wood Fence – This material is the most popular type of fence due to its durability and design. As a homeowner, you can decide to have a short or long wooden fence installed. A long wooden fence is good in places where you need more security and privacy. Short wood fences are perfect to enhance landscaping and hardscaping designs.

Wrought Iron Fencing – This type of fence beautifully showcases property. You can have it installed in many different colors that simply enhance the outer décor of your home. When you want to add great curb appeal, wrought iron fencing is the perfect choice that’s durable as well as affordable.

Aluminum Fence – Aluminum fencing is attractive and gives you the opportunity to paint it during or after installation. As for maintenance, it requires very little maintenance. This light-weight type of fencing is perfect for areas that do not require a heavy-duty fence such as around gardens and landscaped areas.

Chain Link Fence – Chain link fencing is an affordable type of fencing perfect for residential and commercial use. It is perfect for keeping your pets in your yard and protecting your home. It helps keep your home or business well maintained.

PVC Fence – This fence is very durable due to its makeup. The PVC sleeves can be used to replace wooden pickets and sleeves. You can get the fence in various colors and heights to suit your home or business.

Vinyl Fence – Did you know that vinyl fence is 4 times flexible and 5 times stronger than a wooden fence? Yes, it’s true. It is also virtually maintenance free making this type of fencing a cost-effective solution. Go to website for more information.

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