Time was, the Great British holiday involved packing up the caravan, hoisting it to the back of the old Ford Cortina MKII and driving very slowly down to a rather wet and windy Bognor Regis. In the days of the movie “Carry on Camping’ it was all about pitching your tent at a camp site, but with a caravan you could literally, in those days, park along the side of the motorway and get the deck chairs out while you sipped tea from a flask and ate cucumber sandwiches. Anyone old enough to appreciate those days will remember the days of the caravan holiday. That dread when you, as a kid, are informed that during the summer the holidays—those magical, long awaited six weeks break from school—you and the family were going to traipse up to Scotland for two weeks with the cousins and oh, don’t forget we are going to stop along the way at some fascinating places. Didn’t it make you wish they had invented the internet around that time?

However, despite that, a great time was generally had by all and it was hard to admit, but the summer holiday was a tremendous amount of fun. The caravan had to be large enough that we weren’t sitting on top of each other and now, if we look back at those tiny ‘tear drop trailers’ we used to suffer our holiday’s in we can’t imagine how we ever fit inside.

Oh, the good old’ days

Nowadays things are totally different and if you take a browse around a typical caravan dealers you might be not only pleasantly surprised but amazingly shocked at the transformation within. Driving down the south east coast you will travel down via Ashford in Kent and you will have some stunning scenery and country roads to head down. Always make the most of traveling in around Kent because not only are they plenty things to do, but also a massive list of National Trust properties to visit too. It’s a great idea to get a membership so that you don’t have to pay the full price at whichever places you visit. Now, there are modern features inside most caravans, including TV, satellite GPS and electric plugs for charging your mobile phone and plugging in your laptop, so don’t be too surprised when you see some brand new and totally modern appliances.

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