Blocked Drains: A Common Household Problem

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Your kitchen and bathroom sinks are used on a daily basis. At some point the drains are bound to clog. Blocked drains are a common household problem that any homeowner dreads. Matter of fact, drains can clog at any moment due to several factors. What is worse is when you have a blockage that is not necessarily easy to access. If you have blocked drains in Poole look no further than Canford Drains for their professional assistance.

Causes of Block Drains


When washing dishes, grease and fats normally find their way down the kitchen sink. Grease doesn’t flow down the drain like the water does instead it sticks to the inside of the pipes. Overtime, grease and fats accumulates which is a result of a blocked drain.


During the fall months is when leaves begin to fall from trees. Leaves can easily accumulate in the pipes which results in blocked drains. That’s why it is important to ensure that leaves are collected and disposed of properly. The roots of trees also are a source of blocking drains. Roots are typically attracted to moisture and moves towards the pipes that carry the waste water. This can cause pipes to crack and drains are obstructed by the roots therefore blocking the drains.

Foreign Items

Foreign items like jewellery, hair and soap can go down the sinks and clog a drain. Sanitary items that are flushed down a toilet can also block the drains. In order to stop this from happening you should have traps in your sink and shower to ensure that foreign items cannot go down the drain and dispose of sanitary products in the trash.

Contact a Technician

When your drains are blocked the ideal solution is to contact a technician that has the experience and the proper equipment to take care of your blocked drains. Technicians will work quickly and efficiently to unblock your drains so that the water runs smoothly again. Visit the site for more information.

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