Benefits of Sash and Casement Windows

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Doors and Windows

Have you ever thought about the functions of a window? They allow air and light to enter your premises but they also have an aesthetic value to your home. Today, there are many deigns and styles of windows which complement the design of your home. However, there are homes which have the traditional sash and casement windows in Edinburgh.

Sash windows

A properly fitted sash helps to ensure that your window lasts for a long time and it also ensures security of your home. If the sash is not well fitted, it can lead to leaks through the window and can hinder the window from operating properly.

Leakages in energy can lead to high energy bills so it is good for you to replace a malfunctioning sash. If your notice that your window has a problem closing or opening, you need to check your sash. Talk to a sash and casement expert to determine if you need to replace or align the sash.

Casement windows

Casement windows open widely and thus they allow more fresh air into the house. They save a lot on energy bills during summer as they can supply sufficient air to cool the heat inside the house if they are large enough and strategically installed.

Casement windows have a lot of glass area which makes them easy to clean. Although they come with large glass area, you can always add some style to the window to suit your design. The windows have a strong locking system which enhances security in your home.

Although the designs are traditional, you can add a touch of modern design to the sash and casement windows to make them modern. Would you like more information on sash and casement windows in Edinburgh? Do not hesitate to contact JBC!

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